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20 years ago, on August 25, 1994, on the ABC channel display of series “My So-Called Life” began. Though the series lasted only 1 season and quickly disappeared from screens, it was highly appreciated by critics. The youth drama 90kh presented years to us such actors as Jared Leto, Claire Deyns and many others. The drama tells about difficulties of life of the teenager and touches upon such serious subjects as violence, alcoholism, sexual self-identification, a homophobia and others.

Jared Leto played a role of Jordan Katalano who was fallen in love at once to the audience. This is the beautiful and popular senior who is fond of music who is on the verge of an exception of school because of bad progress. Angela Chase and Jordan Katalano’s love story was watched by a large number of TV viewers.

Jared reluctantly remembers and speaks about this role. “For me these series - an insignificant part of the life, I acted in only 17 series, and I practically had no remarks. I spent the most part of time in a trailer therefore actually, it is possible to tell, I wasn’t in this show.”

It’s Jordan Catalano